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Yes, Yes and YES!

Yes it is OK to argue Yes, you can change your relationship Yes, you can say “no” to bad behavior (like addiction and violence) Yes, your investing in your relationship is important. Yes, you can ignore relationship advice from well-meaning unhelpful friends. Yes, sometimes there is one partner that drives more of the relationship work. Yes this work can be confusing. Yes, we are proud of you for going for a better relationship.   Have others? … [Read more...]

Giving Away Credit

Extra recognizing your spouse’s relationship efforts can be a smart solution for extra difficult challenges.  Good to have a few different tools to use if you are plotting your path to a better relationship.   … [Read more...]

Tripped Up By Body Language

We all know that person who: Has a face that doesn’t move when s/he talks Has a voice that is monotone or is just a smidge too loud Holds eye contact a tad too long or not at all. In intimate relationships, our unique body language can set off arguments or stir up passion. The question is, are you reading it correctly? … [Read more...]